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Transfer Open House

Description: The event will include a transfer admission session, a tour of Grounds, and individual school sessions sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, the McIntire School of Commerce, the School of Architecture, the Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy and the Curry School of Education. The Nursing School will not be present.
Category: Open Houses
Contact Phone: (434) 982-3200
Contact E-mail:
Starts On: 07 Feb 2014 10:00 AM ET
Ends On: 07 Feb 2014 01:00 PM ET
Location: Newcomb Hall Ballroom
Address: Park at the Central Grounds Parking Garage located at: 400 Emmet Street South, Charlottesville, VA 22904.
Details/Directions: From the top floor of the Garage (the University Bookstore level), walk across the plaza and enter through the Newcomb Hall portico. Continue to the end of the hallway and take the stairs on your left to the third floor. Newcomb Hall Ballroom is located at the top of the stairs on the third floor.
*If your party requires an elevator, it is located at the end of the hallway to your right, across from the stairway. Take the elevator to the third floor. As you exit take a left and continue down the hall, Newcomb Hall Ballroom is located on your left.
Status: This event has passed.