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Current and Upcoming Chats

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in our Chat Events. A myUVa account is required to participate in our Chat Events.

For new users, click "Register for a chat event" below to create your myUVa account. You may use this log in for all future chats, your myUVa Page, and our event registration system.

If you already have a myUVa account username and password, a link will appear at the scheduled time which will allow you to log in to the chat. If you cannot remember your username or password, click here to look up your log in information.

All applicants who did not previously have a myUVa account received an e-mail that included their system-generated myUVa log in information. Applicants may look up their log in information. Click here and enter the e-mail address provided on your application.

Current Group Chats

Upcoming Group Chats

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